Physical Preparation for Law Enforcement

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So, you want to get into law enforcement.

What’s the best way to train for the academy? How about the entry level fitness test? Do you lift weights? Do calisthenics? Long distance runs or sprints? Maybe you can’t perform a single pull-up and just getting off the couch seems like a daunting task. Or maybe you’re already in great shape and want to funnel your ability towards police specific fitness.

Welcome to Tactical Barbell's Physical Preparation for Law Enforcement, the most effective police fitness guide on the planet. This is training camp. Couch-to-Cop in 12 weeks. Prepared by a former soldier, paratrooper, and Subject Matter Expert/Operator on a Federal Hostage Rescue Team.

PPLE is broken down into two Blocks. Block I consists of general strength and conditioning. If you’re a novice, this is where you’ll start. In Block II, we take the foundation you’ve developed in Block I, and start funnelling your conditioning into the more specific skillsets you’ll require for the academy, and for your entry level police fitness test.

EACH and EVERY training session over the course of 12 weeks is covered in great detail. Not a single day is left to your imagination. 84 days laid out for you with all guesswork removed.

Don’t put your precious time and energy into incorrect efforts, or allow yourself to get misguided by the inexperienced. A career in law enforcement is for life, and is worth spending the time to prepare for correctly. Let the professionals in the field show you how to ace your police fitness test, and prepare you for the academy and beyond!