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Tactical Barbell I and II were initially written with a unique population in mind; tactical law enforcement and military special operations/combat-arms. Excessive mass can potentially be detrimental to this group. Every ounce of weight that isn’t contributing to performance is felt tenfold in the field. A high strength-to-weight ratio is key in that arena. That said, Tier 1 & 2 players are a minority in the tactical world. The majority; patrol officers, paramedics, firefighters, corrections and others – can get away with having greater amounts of muscle mass. In most cases it’s an occupational benefit. On the street having a capable-looking physique can be a major psychological advantage. A bad guy’s perception of your abilities can shape his behaviour. As some of you already know, officer presence can affect subject response during any given interaction. Same thing goes for Corrections. Even among inmates, physical presence has an impact on prison hierarchy. The benefits don’t stop there. Muscle mass is functional. It enhances strength through greater leverage and increased force generation. Just ask any weight-class combat athlete. Or take firefighters. Having extra muscle can offset all that heavy gear. Would you rather be 140lbs wearing 75lbs of kit, or a muscled 185? Enter Mass Protocol. This program was developed and refined for the operational professional looking to build muscle and improve function, whatever the reason. Whether you’re a recruit beefing up for that first patrol assignment, or a seasoned UC trying to develop a certain look, Mass Protocol will get you there. Gaining quality muscle mass is a systematic repeatable process that works regardless of who you are or your perceived shortcomings. Mass Protocol is a blueprint. Exercises, loads, reps, sets, calories, macros, – everything is provided. No guess-work required on your part. You trusted us with your strength and conditioning – and we delivered. Now you have the same professional option when it comes to building mass. As always, our mantra is ‘Results Speak’. Regardless of objective, Mass Protocol will be an invaluable addition to your toolbox.